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Winning Wellness Sessions


Couple and Family Therapy Sessions

    Couple and family sessions address negative communication patterns and conflict. An eclectic approach is used     to help families and couples identify healthy coping skills to strengthen the relationship. The concepts trust,     forgiveness, love, honesty and dishonesty will be explored during sessions.


Premarital Counseling  

    Premarital counseling will help the couple to understand the expectations of marriage. Cultural norms, values and     communication style of family of origin will be examined. The couple will also establish a plan to manage life           challenges, identify values and norms for their "new normal" as a married couple and boundary setting for friends     and family members.        


Group Therapy Sessions

Collaborative group sessions for adolescent girls, young adult and adult women. Topics include, goal setting, self-esteem, relationship building, anger management and life transitions. 


Individual Therapy Sessions

One-on-one sessions are designed for the individual who would like to delve deeper into life obstacles by identifying barriers that interfere with goal achievement. A collaborative and holistic approach is used to help you identify triggers and develop positive coping skills.    


Staff Training and Development

Customized staff training series to fit the needs of your non-profit organization.  Some of the topics include working with difficult populations, professionalism, self care for professionals (teachers, therapists and social workers) and clinical topics such as anxiety, attachment and trauma.