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Your Purpose

Posted 2/13/2019

This is what it looks like when you are not operating in your purpose…

This is a humorous depiction of how your gifts and talents show up in everything you do without forethought. Sometimes when you are working outside of your purpose the outcome can be disastrous leaving you drained and discouraged. Some clues that you are not operating in your purpose are:

  • Numerous mistakes on the job
  • A lack of inspiration
  • Often late to work or calling out sick
  • Low annual review scores
  • You are on probation and in danger of being terminated

Another sign that you are not operating in your purpose is that, on your job, whatever you do is never good enough. The most important step to finding your purpose is taking time to reflect on your strengths. Create a list that consist of what I call the 4 W’s:

What you do well

Play to your strengths. The things that you do well are usually natural gifts and talents that you possess.

What you would like to do without getting paid

These are the things that you would do without any payment or if there were no barriers. Most likely you are doing some form of this right now.

What comes easy to you

Your purpose is not a complicated and mysterious “super power” that you possess. Rather, it is relatively easy and most often an obvious skill that you use repeatedly. Here are some examples:

You have always been the designated “counselor” in your peer group

You are the person who is frequently called upon to plan an event

In every group, you are always the designated leader

What brings you joy. 

When you do things that bring you joy naturally bring you peace, high esteem, comfort, confidence and balance to your life. Though there may be stressful events associated with your purpose, it does not bother you because it brings you joy.

Now that you have some insight on how to find your purpose, spend some time journaling and reflecting on the 4 W’s to help you move from merely existing to living life to the fullest.

Until next week,

Dr. Kietra Winn, LCSW                                          


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