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Getting Over the Hump...

Posted 9/25/2019

Daily Positivity: Recognizing Even the Smallest Accomplishment 


As the autumn leaves begin to fall it is a reminder that the end of the year is approaching.  For me, this is significant because it puts me in the mindset of accomplishment. In other words, where do I stand with completing my 2019 goals?  As I begin to reflect on my summer goals, I realize that I had not accomplished all the things that I had desired. What did I do all summer? How did I get so distracted that I had not completed my goals?  Typically, this is where I begin to take “nosedive” into critiquing all the things that I did not do which often takes me down the spiral of shame, blame and self-frustration.


Now that I am aware of how “my mind plays tricks on me”, I am better able to change direction of my thoughts to focus on the positive rather than the negative. So instead of engaging in hours of chastising myself for not completing the items on my to-do list, I chose to reflect on all that I had done this summer. As I reviewed summer 2019, I began to experience a tremendous amount of joy, peace, motivation, encouragement and most of all accomplishment! Folks, summer 2019 owes me nothing! I had a number of exciting experiences like abruptly deciding to start my own practice, vacationing in Bermuda, witnessing one of my best friends celebrate her birthday "en Blanc”, moving one of my nephews back on campus at an HBCU while his younger brother begins his college life at a different HBCU and lastly ending the summer in Atlanta with partying at the House in the Park festival Labor Day weekend.


We are conditioned to immediately reflect on all the things that we have not completed rather than celebrating each positive experience on the way to goal achievement. Once we recognize how faulty thinking impacts our ability to consistently have joy, we should actively strive to challenge our thought process by shifting our focus towards the positive rather than the negative. This can be achieved by making a commitment to purposefully reflect on accomplished tasks daily, expressing gratitude for completed tasks and moving unfished tasks to the next day.  


This experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Focusing on the positive is energizing, increases my attention to detail and motivation to continue working on my goals. My biggest take away is that I must take time to reflect, express gratitude and celebrate each step towards the completion of my 2019 goals.


Until next week,

Dr. Kietra Winn, LCSW                               


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